About us



SISTEMA LOGISTIC LLC represents three trademarks ‒ deVENTE, Attomex and CleanLab. Trademarks deVENTE and Attomex were established in 2012 and in spite of their short history, these trademarks have found many adorers in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The range of both trademarks includes more than three thousand goods’ items for school and office. CleanLab trademark appeared in our assortment in 2017 and includes an assortment of household goods for office and home. Our goods are manufactured in Russia, Germany, Malaysia and China. All designs and forms are developed by design offices following the latest fashion and functionality trends in the World Stationery Market. Quality is assured at all stages.

deVENTE trademark represents middle-priced goods for those who are not ready to compromise on quality and prefer excellent goods for a reasonable price.

Attomex is a trademark for economic buyers, for whom the price/quality ratio is a priority, and who are not ready to overpay. Attomex represents quality goods with basic specifications.

CleanLab is the most popular household goods. We constantly expand the assortment, including the newest items for cleaning and maintaining order in the office and at home.

We are young and ambitious Company. Our trademarks have already been included in TOP-10 of Russia’s popular stationery trademarks and we are not ready to rest. We invest our efforts and inspiration in our goods! The goods that are made to be loved!

We have partners in all regions. Please contact us at contact@devente.com for more detail.